Sunday, July 9, 2017

How to pop out cheap Ran Ban Sunglasses

    How to pop out cheap Ran Ban Sunglasses?Although fake Ray Ban touts its sunglasses for their durability and strength.It does not mean that the lenses can not occasionally succumb to scratches or other damages.So the problem is how to pop out Ran Bans lenses while they are old or be damaged? Below there are some tips for you.
    Firstly,Be sure that the replacement lenses you bought must be fit to the size of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses.
cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses
    Secondly,Unscrew the small screws from the two sides of the frames and at the top places which the earpieces connecting the frames.You must make sure that all the screw are taken out.
    And then grasp your fake Ray Bans sunglasses with both hands and pop out lenses cheap fake Ray Bans by gentle pushing.Before you do this,you may prepare a folded towel under cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses and determine that you lay down the lenses of cheap Ray Bans on a flat surface.
fake Ray Bans

    At last,if you can not take out the lenses from the frames according to the tips above,you can use a hairdryer to warm up the frames within 5 minutes which may be easier to remove the lenses.
    The above tips may be helper for you.You also can get a new pair of Ran Bans at the Ray Ban sunglasses outlet online.Good quality and free shipping.

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