Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lenses of cheap Ray Ban should be the first step when choosing

    When choosing a pair of cheap Ray Bans sunglasses,the selection of lens must be the first step.Cheap Ray Ban lenses are craft and designed from both crystal and plastic.Whether you choose the crystal or plastic lenses,both of them filter out 100% harmful UV and they can extend your vision and be more clear.But the crystal lenses may be the greater clarity and homogeneity and the plastic lenses are lighter and more impact resistant for sports.The two have its own advantages according to your requirements.You must be known that the two lenses of fake Ray Bans have the right balance and the comfortable visual.
    The color of lenses tell you that which type of light being filtered out from your eyes.The classic lenses are green and brown which are your most protection.And the Ray Ban green lenses ensure better precise vision which blocking out the more blue light result in producing a more nature view.And the Mirror and Gradient lenses let more visible light.You can choosing the color according to the form below.

    Cheap Ray Bans outlet and the other important one is the shape of frame.The principle of choosing the shape of your sunglasses is the rounded shapes for angular faces and the angular shapes for rounded faces.For this in order to the balance and proportions.It means that cheap Ray Bans frames should be in contrast with your faces .For example,the rounded and rectangle shapes may be the best worn on the square faces which is equally wide forehead ,cheekbones and jaw.

    Last do not forget that you can customize yourself fake Ray Ban sunglasses
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